How to Pay HOA Dues

Current HOA Monthly Assessments for 2024
Gated & Private Road Sections 
Gated sections monthly HOA Assessments -  $77.00
Non-Gated Sections
Non-Gated sections monthly HOA Assessments -  $52.00
HOA assessments are posted and due on the 1st of every month.

Online Payments
CFHOA utilizes TownSq, a resident portal that is fast, flexible, and easy to use. TownSq can be used to make one-time or recurring payments (autopay) with your bank account or credit card via either or the TownSq app on your smart device. Click HERE to visit TownSQ.
Please note: You are not required to sign-up for recurring payments through TownSq and can continue with your current recurring payment setup.
However, TownSq is a more user-friendly interface and has additional features, such as the ability for a recurring payment amount to auto-update if the HOA assessment rate changes in the future. If you choose to setup autopay through TownSq, you will need to discontinue the autopay currently setup through AAB. The AAB autopay can be deleted by logging into the payment account ( and selecting the “delete” icon.
Mail-In Payments
If you are sending in payments by mail, please ensure that your checks have your property address or HOA Account number written on them.
The mailing address for payments is:
Crystal Falls Home Owners Association, Inc.
c/o Goodwin Processing Center
PO Box 93447
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3447
If you use your bank’s bill pay service, please confirm that you are using the correct mailing address for payments. HOA assessments cannot be paid or mailed to the HOA office.