Architectural Improvements

Most exterior home changes require approval from the HOA Architectural Control Committee (ACC). These may include but are not limited to pools, playscapes, outdoor kitchens, decks, fences, pergolas, satellite dishes, changes in exterior paint colors, trampolines, hardscaping, etc. Owners (NOT Contractors) are responsible for submitting all relevant documents (see process below and details for submitting documents on the next page).
ACC approval is not necessary when using pre-approved plants from our Landscape Design Manual. However, if completing a full landscaping plan including hardscaping, please follow the below process. When removing a tree, you should check with the City of Leander first to ensure you are complying with city code.

How the Approval Process Works:
  1. Visit the Submit an Application tab on the Architectural Improvement drop down menu.
  2. Submit your request online using the Online Submission Form, or turn in the Paper Submission Form to the office.
  3. You will receive an email from the ACC confirming that your application has officially been received in their review queue. This is not an approval letter. This letter is sent to let you know that your application was received. Note: If you do not hear from the ACC within 3 business days, please contact to ensure that the correct email address is on file for your household. 
  4. All committee members will access and review your project through their online system. You can communicate through comments and upload documents by clicking the link in the bottom of the confirmation email notice you received.
  5. You will not receive status updates on your application. The ACC will either ask for more information, or send letter with their decision. 
  6. Upon review of application, the ACC will send you an email response letter. This email will state that your project is Approved, Approved with Conditions, or Declined. Please save this letter for your files. Note: Once a response letter has been sent, the application is closed out. If you upload any other documents or comments, the ACC will not be notified.
The committee fairly reviews each submission in the order that they are received. The committee does NOT accept rush or expedited applications. To ensure every application is reviewed as fairly as possible, the ACC practices a "First in, First Out" review process, regardless of the type of application submitted.