Amenities Waiver

In order to use the community facilities, each resident has to fill out an Amenity Access Form for their household. Please ensure both sides of the form are filled out.
A note for tenants:
All tenants will need to have their landlord fill out and sign this Amenity Access Form to gain access to the community facilities. Homeowners are required to provide the HOA with all tenant contact info (names, emails, mailing addresses, phone numbers), as well as lease terms (i.e. commencement date and term of the lease). The HOA office will also accept a copy of the property's residential lease agreement. 
Please click HERE to view and and download a copy of the Amenity Access Form. This form will need to returned to the HOA office in order to be processed.
All completed applications should be emailed to or physically turned into the HOA office.
One access card is issued per household. If you should lose your access card, a replacement can be purchased for $40.