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Monthly Board Meeting Notice
Posted on Sep 15th, 2023

The next Board meeting of the Crystal Falls HOA Board of Directors will take place on September 21st at 4:00 pm. electronically. You may listen in or connect online by using the information:
Call in: 346-248-7799
Meeting ID: 831 8002 2331
All Crystal Falls HOA members are welcome to listen in or view the meeting. Click here to view the meeting agenda.
Crystal Falls HOA
As required by law, you are notified that matters to be discussed at the meeting shall be approval of the prior meeting minutes; old business from the prior meeting(s); new business which may include property service contracts, utility issues, common area maintenance issues; issues pertaining to the health/safety/welfare of members in the association; insurance issues; tax matters; accounting/budget/finance matters; approval of the annual operating and reserve budget and the determination of assessments; special assessments; the handling of the association’s reserves; collection cases and action to be taken against members that have not paid assessments including the filing of liens and the foreclosure of their properties; architectural and restrictive covenant violations and related enforcement action; suspension of member rights to use common areas and amenities due to failure to pay assessments; formation, operation, and powers of committees; reports of committees; communications to membership; appointment of directors to fill positions that may come vacant prior to the next scheduled annual meeting; rule/regulation promulgation and/or revision; restrictive covenant and/or by-laws amendment; the conduct of periodic board and annual meetings; the promulgation of the annual meeting notice, proxy, ballot; absentee and electronic voting procedures; the date/time/place/agenda of the annual meeting; and any other matter reasonably within the purview and authority of the board of directors or membership.